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Growing in Wonder and Play (7QT)

Mr. G.K. Chesterton had a thing or two to say about the world. As a prolific writer, he wrote about everything from science, faith, and politics, to mystery novels and the everyday life. His characteristic wit and thorough perspectives make him a joy to read. Check out Christy’s post to introduce yourself a little more with G.K. Chesterton.

One of the things he wrote about passionately and persistently was the need for play and wonder in ones life.  Chesterton embodied this as a joyful, jesting, and innovative man, and his writing is  equally full of humor and insight.

In dwelling on his thoughts, I have been searching out more ways to live life in wonder. So herein lies my seven quick takes. And stay tuned to see how this all relates to the celebration of Halloween.

“Playing is the most serious thing in the world” -GK Chesterton Read More →

The Sinking Lorelais: when you feel you’re failing…

Have you heard? Gilmore girls is making a come back. I can not tell you how ecstatic I am about this! Lorelai, Rory, Kirk, Mrs. Patty, Paris, Emily are all friends of our family. Often we join them on their couch.


We have spent many hours laughing alongside of these characters. For better or for worse, our family loves the world of Stars Hollow and all the quirky chapters that come along with it. Read More →

The {Little} Way


In honor of two newly canonized Saints, Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, I have for you a special letter. Written by the daughter of these two saints to a spiritual mother. Read More →

Be a Prayer Warrior: Seven Quick Takes

When you ask me to pray for you, I want to  follow through on that task. Too often I remember once or twice over the next couple days, but don’t really make a plan to follow through. Recently I have been focusing on bringing intentionality to the way I pray for my friends and the circumstances. Read More →

St. John Paul the II… Making New Friends in Heaven

This post is part of a series of posts on the life of saints. Check out an earlier post if you are interested in more information about what a saint is. Basically, saints are holy men and women whose lives demonstrate the glory of God and are now in heaven in his presence.

Today is the feast of St. John Paul II. He is the pope that I grew up on, that ushered us in to the 3rd millennia, and who has an extra special place in my heart. Recently, I heard the following said of our last three popes, “if Pope Francis is a shepherd, Pope Benedict was an academic, and St. John Paul the II was the philosopher.” This is true, St. John Paul the II produced many beautiful works of philosophy and faithfully sought answers to why and how God made us and the world.

Let’s find out more about the man behind this modern-day philosopher. Read More →

Redeeming Toddler Tantrums

Sometimes my child throws fits. Sometimes other children throw fits. You have seen it before either with your own kid or as a bystander. The child’s mouth opens wide and long, their eyes shut and chin lifts in the air. They let out an impossibly loud pterodactyl like noise and let their body go limp in protest of their current circumstances. Their faces turn red as tears slowly stream down their face in frustration. Their limbs may flail about or they may crumble to the ground like their bones turned in to spaghetti. You have got to think at some point they forget what they are even upset about. Read More →

Why you should befriend an older generation (SQT)

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes? Lost? What about overjoyed? Me too. And guess what, someone else has been there before.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit with Stuart’s grandmother. We stayed in her home in the town where she raised her children, we met her wonderful friends, and we talked. It was splendid.


We have been blessed with wonderful grandparents and friends to connect and learn from. There is a great wise aging population in the world who is full of knowledge and typically would love to share it with you. Below are some reasons and benefits to spending time with the over 70 crowd. Read More →

St. Teresa of Ávila… Making New Friends in Heaven

Today is the feast of St. Teresa of Ávila, the mystic rock star and doctor of the church. Not gonna lie, I have gotten the different saints named St. Teresa mixed up in the past, and I really enjoyed getting to know this saint as I was writing this post.
This post is part of a series of posts on the life of saints. Check out an earlier post if you are interested in more information about what a saint is. Basically, saints are holy men and women whose lives demonstrate the glory of God and are now in heaven in his presence.

So lets jump right in with a cliff notes history of St. Teresa of Avila.

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The Wisdom of the Mountains…

We just got back from our crazy road trip, and were lucky enough that part of the adventure was spent in the mountains. For some people mountains are part of their everyday life, a typical geographical feature as common as trees, highways, or if in Texas, armadillo roadkill. But this is not my experience. These tall protrusions of the earth’s crust are novel, awning, and rare sitings for our family.

While driving or visiting these regions we never get used to the views and shout every 5 minutes “look look!” Requiring  the other to look out at our view of the slightly different formations. It feels like we are sitting in the presence of giants. 

Have you ever had this experience, whether you were hiking, driving, or even flying over head? The experience where you try your best to keep your head up the whole time because you don’t want to miss anything. The experience where you look around and the size of the mountains makes you look straight up as they reach in to the skies. I suppose, for you, this post could be “The Wisdom of the Forests,” or prairie land, or desert even. But for me, it is the mountains.


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Picking up souvenirs while on vacation… why magnets? (7QT)

You have been there before. In the middle of a small store filled wall to wall with racks of souvenirs, trying to figure out what is worthwhile. Knowing that you don’t need more stuff, but wanting something to remember the experience. We just returned from our cross-country road trip and put away our souvenirs. I am not a fan of cluttering up our house, so souvenirs were an issue that I had to be decisive on.


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