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7 ways to Advent with a toddler

Advent is coming. Hooray! This is a beautiful time of year filled with anticipation and growth. But there are also a lot of things that try to steal our focus during this time of preparation. Shopping, decorations, and flying food get in the way of my solemn time of preparation.

Although my little Anna provides many sticky moments and requires a lot of me, I think she is one of the factors that helps, not harms, my celebration of Advent. Because of her ripe age of 1.5, she is really good at following a daily rhythm and living each day with expectant joy. She doesn’t let things worry her or get bogged down with to do lists. Anna has the perfect mindset for a holy and fruitful Advent. This Advent I am going to try and be a little more like my toddler. Read More →

Finding Hope in Christ the King

At the parish where I grew up, on the feast of Christ the King all of the families would make fabric banners to celebrate the King. Before mass began, the children would march around the church to honor Jesus with a parade. There were bells, crowns, colors, and joy bursting out of the room. Our pastor would have us all shout ¡Viva Cristo Rey! Which was an anthem of Mexican Christians at the turn of the century. The spirited phrase means long live Christ the King. Just the thought of this feast brings warm memories to mind.

This was a very fun and memorable experience that taught me so much about Christ’s kingship. Read More →

How to be a family like the Weasleys

In the Weasley’s large family there is every personality in the book. A goofy dad, over protective mom, a wild dragon taming sibling, the rule-following older brother,  jokester twins, an unexpected and powerful sister, and more.

Harry, and all the readers that live vicariously through him, are drawn to this family. During Harry’s long summers at Privet Drive, he would long to be at the Burrow. Thinking of the hodgepodge house as his true home. Desite the fact that our young Ron could not see all the goodness, Harry and I saw so much to admire in this quirky family.

So the question is, how can our families look a little more like the lovable Weasleys? Read More →

My marriage is making me holy

Maybe you have heard the phrase, “Your making me a saint…” Typically this expression is used sarcastically when your spouse is testing your patience, and think it is a funny phrase, but I propose to use it here with a positive spin.

Marriage has a two fold purpose: the sanctification of each other and the revelation and glorification of God to the world. Both are noble roles, and include many beautiful things, like the cultivating of life, raising of family, and serving those in need. For this post I will be focusing on the former, how marriage works towards goodness in a spouse’s life.

When a husband and wife get married in the Church, they are promising to love, honor, and be true at all times. In this promise they are also affirming that they believe God has chosen them to play an essential role in each other’s sanctification. Read More →

Making God My Home

For the first time in 7 years my husband and I are not moving into a new home after a year. We have moved, desperately and together, every ~9 months for a long while now and have gotten pretty good at packing all of our things in boxes, loading up cars, and feeding the friends we convinced to help us. In the midst of all the moving we have also had to find new routines, churches, and most importantly taco places.

So I am pumped to be keeping all of my toiletries safely under my bathroom sink this year, but there is something huge I have learned in all the moving, to make God my home.

When uncertainty rages and my roots are not firmly planted, I can rest in the knowledge that God is my home. Read More →

Finding Balance in Work and Life

Have you ever struggled to find balance in your day? To feel like you are doing all of things you want to accomplish and being in all of the places you want to be? Do you feel like you are getting sucked down a black hole in one area of your life and have nothing to give in other areas?

If you answered yes, then you and I have something in common. I have been searching over the last couple years to understand what my ideal work situation would look like. I am still not totally sure, but am committed to continue to search.

It is easy to feel guilty, like it is okay to live days overwhelmed or unsatisfied because it is just part of our suffering for Christ. Didn’t God say in Genesis that we were going to have to toil? Read More →

Crown of Creation… A letter to my daughter

Sweet Anna,

You are the crown of creation. The sprinkles on the cake, the cherry on top, the gravy on the potatoes, and the tip of the mountain.

God made the world and everything in it. He taught the deep oceans to crash on the shore and the clouds to shower on the earth. He made the trees and flowers to capture the sun and reach toward the heavens. At the will of God, the birds fly and elephants roam.

He made all things and set the world in to motion to grow in life, and said it was good. Then my dear, he made you, a daughter of Eve, and he said you are very good. Read More →

Never too far away… 

You could never be too far away for God’s love to reach you. Never.

End post. Just kidding, but really we need the simpleness of the above truth to set in our bones.

There is never a thought, action, or circumstance in the past, present, or future  that could take you out of reach of God’s love and grace. Read More →

Make Me an Instrument- verses for parents, spouses, friends, and workers

The words “make me an instrument” have been my prayer on repeat lately. I have clung to it when words and energy fall short…a resuscitation of old words that resound my desire to bring goodness and truth to every area of my life.

To be an instrument. Not the doer, but the means by which. A screwdriver may do work, but it is powerless on the tool bench without an actor. A piano may produce melodious sounds, but without the pianist it is just a piece of furniture. I want to be an instrument in the hands of God. Reaching to new places, as an accessible tool for God to do big work. Check out St. Francis of Assisi’s original Make Me An Instrument of Your Peace passage and stay tuned for parent, spouse, friend, and worker verses. Read More →