A Lenten Plan: Something to give, sacrifice, study, and build up relationships

Lent begins Wednesday, sneaking up on us! Each year I appreciate the rhythm of the liturgical year even more. Somehow when lent rolls around each winter, I find I am in need of this season to challenge me and push me closer toward Christ.

As I go into Ash Wednesday, I am committed to chipping away at the apathy of my faith through devotion and sacrifice. Its time to make a plan for how I will walk along with Jesus to Calvary and truly celebrate the empty tomb on Easter.

This year I am hoping to create a plan that is practical, but uncomfortable. My game plan is: something to give, something to sacrifice, something to study, and something to build up relationships. I am nervous to put this plan into writing, but maybe part of my sacrifice will be forcing accountability. So without any further ado. A plan for lent.


Something to Give

This year I am taking on the ambitious project of 40 bags in 40 days. A project run over at black house white shutters, where you chose to detach and declutter by creating a bag each day to give away. My goal is to set a timer for 30 minutes each night and declutter the assigned area. Hopefully the timer will help me be decisive and thorough. Here are the 40 places I will be declining in our home.

  1. Purse/Diaper bag
  2. Guest Room
  3. Anna’s closet
  4. Anna’s dresser and bookshelves
  5. Outgrown clothes
  6. upper cabinets
  7. lower cabinets
  8. all drawers
  9. under the sink
  10. junk drawer
  11. food storage containers (especially the ones with no tops/bottoms!)
  12. pantry
  13. refrigerator/freezer
  14. countertops and top of the fridge
  15. Computer files
  16. Living Room: entertainment center
  17. Living Room: basket/mantel/misc
  18. Digital photo library
  19. Physical photo library
  20. Office Desk and boxes
  21. Office Closet
  22. Create a cleaning schedule
  23. Anna’s playroom
  24. Coat Closet
  25. Linen Closet
  26. File cabinet
  27. Dresser
  28. Bedside tables
  29. Closet: Tops
  30. Closet: Bottoms
  31. Closet: Dresses and other
  32. Pinterest boards
  33. Under all the beds
  34. Garage shelves
  35. Garage misc.
  36. Laundry Room
  37. Bathroom Cabinets
  38. Medicine cabinet
  39. Backyard
  40. Car (truck and glovebox)


Something to Sacrifice

There are many things in my life that I cling to for comfort or entertainment, that are really not necessary. Lent is a time to let go of these little comforts, and instead cling to Jesus. This year the comfort we are going to go without is television after dinner. It sounds small, but it has become a routine for Stuart and I. We don’t watch television unless Anna is a sleep, so basically this means no tube time for the next forty days. This sacrifice will also provide the time for the daily decluttering and also the next Lenten discipline.

Something to Study

I am excited to journey through the BIS Lenten reflection journal over the next 7 weeks, but I am also putting together a reading list to nibble away at this year. Check back later this week to see how I am planning to read more. During my lent I am hoping to get through 2 books.

Rediscover Jesus– Matthew Kelly

Story of a Soul: The Autobiography of St. Therese of Lisieux, Third Edition

story-soul rediscover-jesus

Something to Build Up Relationships

We are hoping to build community throughout Lent, in our marriage, family, and friendships.

Sarah has some great suggestions to include the entire family in the lent process by encouraging countdowns, simple meals, serving one another, and praying. As a family we are going to try to include some of her ideas with Anna. We are attempting to say the stations of the cross each Friday night as a family.

We also are planning on hosting at least two Friday night soup dinners during lent, a time to invite friends and family over for soup and fellowship. If you are in the area and want to join the door and soup pot is open to you.

Lastly, Stuart and I are going to make a commitment to pray together each day during Lent. Our schedules and work schedules are very different so this can be tricky, but it is worth putting the effort in.


So there you have it, a plan for lent. Do you have some goals for lent this year? Thanks for joining our family in this journey by providing accountability in reading along.


    • Awesome. Well I will be checking back at your blog for an informal book club when we are both done. I started last night and was having trouble putting it down.

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