Welcome to The Salt Stories, I am excited that you have chosen to join the conversation.

My name is Amy Wiggin.


I am a twenty-something wife, working mom, catholic, and native Texan. I am always open to new possibilities and am interested in too many hobbies to be good at any one thing. I enjoy…

  • baking and bacon
  • sappy sports movies
  • going on new adventures
  • science
  • dirt trails
  • lame jokes
  • watching Gilmore Girls
  • conversations that look for truth
  • getting my hands dirty
  • And bulleted lists

I am wife to Stuart lover of maps, Irish music, camping, moisture wicking clothes, and doing one thing at a time. Not only can he make you a mean cocktail, but he is also a dishwasher extraordinaire.
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and mom to the spunky 3-year-old Anna and sweet baby Joseph. Anna is a rapidly growing little lady, and can be found dancing to any song, splashing in a tiny pool, reading books, or pawning someone in to getting her a cookie. Her side kick Joseph hangs in with the crazy that is our family well.

The Salt Stories

I hope that while reading this blog you feel like your sitting at the edge of a camp fire with me. That we are old (or quick) friends enjoying the night sky and the fire glow, chatting about what matters most and laughing about what we enjoy.


This blog is a platform to talk about the things that intersect everyday life. To allow time and space for both you and I to reflect on what surrounds us. My wish is that the stories offer encouragement, show earnest struggle, and entertain you a little. The content may be silly, today’s adventures or pop culture, or personal and ernest, but hopefully this corner of the interweb acts as a place where we seek truth and joy together.

What is a salt story you ask? The idea of a salt story comes from the gospel of Matthew in chapter 5, where Jesus calls his disciples to be the salt of the world. I am trying to live a life full of salt stories. Stories that add spice, help preserve, and find purpose in the everyday.

To find out more about why I blog check out my first post.

Thanks again for dropping by. You can contact me at amyewiggin(at)gmail(dot)com, looking forward to hearing from you.