Blogging in the Face of Fear

If something is worth doing,

it is even worth doing badly.

– G.K. Chesterton

Why I am Starting a Blog

There are many reasons I have decided to start writing a blog, but there are even more reasons why it took me so long to make the plunge and do it. 

Why I Haven’t Started One Yet

In 2007, I heard an interview with Jon Forman, of Switchfoot, where he encouraged others to get their ideas out there and to use the crazy awesome tools of our time to share your thoughts (I am paraphrasing, I am not sure if Jon says “crazy awesome”). He talked about using his music to search out answers to things he doesn’t know. I was inspired, I was going to start a blog and write to shake out my thoughts. But then I second guessed myself. Why can’t I just do this in a private way? I don’t want to work out my questions publicly. Is there value in having to produce my thoughts in a readable and sharable way?


As the years past, I began to enjoy what others shared on their blogs. I saw the value of a blog as a place to reflect, digest, create, and encourage. To build community and share ideas. But as I explored the idea of starting a blog again the fears would creep up. I bought in to the lies that filled my mind, that I am not a clever writer or an interesting person. Who would want to read my boring prose? I am bound to misspell words in every post. What if I sound silly or stupid?

Nevertheless, again years later, I started to feel like I had something to share, something to say, that my voice was valuable. I think the desire to share is ingrained deep within. We know we have something to add to the world, something to make, something to offer in which others can gain value. And I will let you in on a secret… We all do! But as quick as the thought came so did the fear. I started to worry about who might see or hear what I wrote. What about the people who might disagree with me? What if the people who know me found out what I really think? No, thank you. No friction please.

Jumping Out

So what changed? Did the fear and insecurity go away? Nope! They are still there fighting for my attention, but something else is louder, something else can drown out those feelings, make them feel insignificant. Resting in what is good and letting go all of the concerns that have no merit. As I started to study the lives of extraordinary men and women in my life and in history, one thing rang true. Worldly fear did not hinder the passion and purpose they felt in their life. I am committed to finding truth and want to joyfully share how it intersects with our life each day.

For many years I worked at an overnight summer camp. One of the most notorious activities was the blob. If you do not know what this is, participants would jump from a 5 foot tall dock onto a large inflated pillow and send a friend flying into the lake. I watched many many campers stand on the edge of the blob dock pondering whether it was a good idea to jump. They would weigh the dangers against the potential enjoyment.

I spent hours attempting to alleviate worries. I wanted them to have their turn to safely abandon what tied them to the dock and fly through the air. Many turned around and chose not to make the leap, but more pushed away their very real fears to enjoy an new adventure.


I have stood on the dock too long. Its time for a jump.

Beginning this blog feels much like jumping off the dock for the first time. It has a hint of the good fear, the exhilaration of the fall, and the joy of trying something new.  This doesn’t mean that at times I won’t want to share, sound silly, misspell words, or have people disagree with me. But I am choosing to jump praying that in leaving the security of the known I will enjoy new freedom, hopefully some that I can share with you.

Heres to laughing at fear and embracing new adventure. Cheers!

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  1. Love the blob analogy. I used to teach beginner swimming to 5 year olds whose final exam consisted of swimming one length of the pool, and then jumping off the diving board and swimming safely to the side. Spent many hours below that board, treading water, encouraging them to jump, knowing how much fun they would have for years to come at Open Swim because they passed.

    Congratulations on taking the plunge!

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