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Examination of Conscience… What role am I playing in Holy Week?

In our church home on Palm Sunday we always hear the passion gospel as a dramatic reading. This interactive (and long) gospel helps to begin Holy Week with the reality of Christ crucified. In this script format, the congregation typically plays the part of the crowds.

I have to admit though, I cringe each year as the crowd is asked to shout, “Crucify him! Crucify him!” I hate being a part of the crowd in that moment, realizing it is my stubborn heart that chooses sin over Christ. It reminds me that each day I choose to play a part in the passion history. Read More →

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An Inconvenient Mercy

This year has been named the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. A year where as a collective church we mediate on the greatness of God’s mercy and how it should move us to show mercy for others.

As I ponder mercy, memories rush to my mind. Waking up each morning with the gift of new mercies from God, times I have witnessed a friend extend mercy to someone in misfortune, or the frequent occurrence of my husband offering me mercy in the times I have wronged him. It seems to me, mercy is a word that describes a myriad of things. So to paraphrase Justin Bieber what does it mean? Read More →

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Live Your Song: A Lenten meditation from Jon Foreman’s TED Talk

This week Jon Foreman delivered a TedX Talk at the University of Nevada named Live Your Song. He presented a simple and elegant idea about living your life’s song (or purpose). The TED talk-ing intermixed seamlessly within a set of 3 acoustic songs. As Jon bounced between his spoken and lyrical words, the talk did not have the typical drama and performance of a TED talk, instead it was seeping with sincerity, in a style reminiscent of conversational slam poetry.


It was clear that Jon Foreman was so very passionate about the words he had to share. He wanted to remind us of our temporary and limited life, but at the same time paint a beautiful picture of our significance. He highlights the grandness of our calling without forgetting to mention the effort and struggle it takes to get up and thoughtfully make moves toward our purpose in the world. His words encourage us to humbly realize who we are and that the life we live matters. As I listened to the talk, I couldn’t help but relate his message to the season and mindset of lent.

I think it is fair to say, I loved the talk. Here are 7 quick thoughts and truths for lent, each one structured around a quote from Jon Forman’s TED talk. Read More →

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A Lenten Plan: Something to give, sacrifice, study, and build up relationships

Lent begins Wednesday, sneaking up on us! Each year I appreciate the rhythm of the liturgical year even more. Somehow when lent rolls around each winter, I find I am in need of this season to challenge me and push me closer toward Christ.

As I go into Ash Wednesday, I am committed to chipping away at the apathy of my faith through devotion and sacrifice. Its time to make a plan for how I will walk along with Jesus to Calvary and truly celebrate the empty tomb on Easter. Read More →

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7 Examples my mom set for me and you

Happy birthday mommy. We are so blessed to have the gift of you in our lives. Thank you for the example you have set for us in so many ways.

Can you figure out which one is me?

My hope is that this list will help you and I to reflect on the amazing examples of motherhood in our lives as well as learn a little from my mom’s bold example. Each mama is different and brings different things to the table, it is in learning from those who came before us that we can better hone our own mama style. Read More →

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St Blaise: Making New Friends in Heaven

This post is part of a series of posts on the life of saints. Basically, saints are holy men and women whose lives demonstrate the glory of God and are now in heaven in his presence.Check out an earlier post if you are interested in more information about what a saint is

Today’s post is about St. Blaise. I remember going to a service on St. Blaise’s feast day as a child and being very confused, my mom explained what was happening, but it was not an ordinary tradition. At the end of the service people had their throats blessed using candle sticks. When I saw that St. Blaise’s feast day coming up I knew I needed to do some more investigating. Read More →

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Come Holy Spirit…In Remembrance

Lately the prayer on my heart has been Come Holy Spirit.

The Salt Stories: Come Holy Spirit... In Remembrance

In the last 2 years we have lost many dear friends and family members. Each loss has been an opportunity to dwell on a life well lived, with glimpses of God’s glory. Today I would like to honor one of our dear friends, Deacon Timothy Borbas.
Read More →

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Explaining death to a toddler

It all started when we watched The Lion King for the first time. I was excited to share one of my favorite movies with Anna. We named each animal during Circle of Life, laughed at Zazu, danced to “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and then it happened… Mufasa died.

We watched the solemn images of a collapsed Mufasa and tears streaming down Simba’s face. My daughter turned and looked at me with a questioning stare. She could see Simba was sad and didn’t quite understand what happened. She gestured to the screen and looked at me for an explanation.

Read More →

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A Rustic Nativity

Happy 9th day of Christmas. I hope this season has been full of joy, cookies, peace, and good company. For truly we have something absolutely beautiful to celebrate. God became man. Whoa! The God that made the world, and came before the world came into the creation.

Incarnation. Truly crazy.

We have enjoyed the beautiful Christmastide with our daughter, but her opinions and play have definitely added a new component to our celebrations.


Throughout the Advent and the Christmas season we have put together a paper nativity scene. Anna has daily and joyfully chosen the colors for our new characters and placed each new piece into the scene with enthusiasm. This set from do small things with love has been perfect for us this year. Read More →

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The value of ancient words

Is there value in repeating ancient words?

Often I feel more comfortable in the tradition of spontaneous prayers. Prayer where I piece the words together in the moment and express myself like I would to a friend over coffee. This free form stream of conscious type prayer is a sincere and powerful extension of my heart, but recently I have found a new peace and strength in the prayers passed down through Christian tradition.

A huge collection of ancient prayers dripping in history, theology, and truth are still repeated by millions of Christians from all over the world today. Words that were written down long ago and have journeyed through history in the mouths of searching people. Maybe you have prayed some of them before, some come from scripture like, The Our Father, The Magnificat, Simeon and Zachary’s Song, and The Doxology. There are also many prayers passed down through tradition of the church like the prayers of Ignatius of Antioch and Hippolytos of Rome, the Nicene creed, and the church’s liturgical prayers of baptism.

So this is my attempt to understand how the prayers of the historic church can be a peaceful and beneficial part of my regular prayer? Read More →

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