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A Lenten Plan: Something to give, sacrifice, study, and build up relationships

Lent begins Wednesday, sneaking up on us! Each year I appreciate the rhythm of the liturgical year even more. Somehow when lent rolls around each winter, I find I am in need of this season to challenge me and push me closer toward Christ.

As I go into Ash Wednesday, I am committed to chipping away at the apathy of my faith through devotion and sacrifice. Its time to make a plan for how I will walk along with Jesus to Calvary and truly celebrate the empty tomb on Easter. Read More →

Command Center Round Up (+Free Calendar Printable)

I hope the near year is treating your family well. 2016 has already provided many new changes in the Wiggin house. Stuart’s work schedule has changed and Anna has started attending a little Montessori in our neighborhood.

All of these changes have motivated me to get more organized in 2016. I am looking to create a simple command center to help our family feel semi-organized. Thought I would share my research with you in seven quick takes.

Heres to an organized 2016.


Ceiling to floor


I love the magnetic board on top and bottom for photos. Read More →

Making God My Home

For the first time in 7 years my husband and I are not moving into a new home after a year. We have moved, desperately and together, every ~9 months for a long while now and have gotten pretty good at packing all of our things in boxes, loading up cars, and feeding the friends we convinced to help us. In the midst of all the moving we have also had to find new routines, churches, and most importantly taco places.

So I am pumped to be keeping all of my toiletries safely under my bathroom sink this year, but there is something huge I have learned in all the moving, to make God my home.

When uncertainty rages and my roots are not firmly planted, I can rest in the knowledge that God is my home. Read More →

Picking up souvenirs while on vacation… why magnets? (7QT)

You have been there before. In the middle of a small store filled wall to wall with racks of souvenirs, trying to figure out what is worthwhile. Knowing that you don’t need more stuff, but wanting something to remember the experience. We just returned from our cross-country road trip and put away our souvenirs. I am not a fan of cluttering up our house, so souvenirs were an issue that I had to be decisive on.


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