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A letter to Amber Holt of Parenthood

Ya’ll, the final season of Parenthood is on Netflix, and I am a sobbing mess.

When a few of my family members started watching the show as it aired I just couldn’t get in to it, despite the reprisal of a Lorelai Gilmore character, I could not handle the constant arguing and the characters making awful decisions.

So 3 years after a pitiful attempt of watching season one,  I picked it back up while postpartum with our sweet little Anna. Because binge watching is totally part of having a baby. I don’t know if the seasons got better as they went on, or if I just felt closer to the Braverman family, but the longer I watched, the more I could see the light, love, and integrity that shown through the imperfect characters and constant bickering.

I am finally getting around to watching the final season now that it is available on Netflix and I literally cry during every episode. Today I finished episode 100 “How Did We Get Here”, and the entire episode is heart wrenching, but the last scene in particular is what stuck in my mind.

The women of the Braverman family each pen a letter on motherhood to the first expectant granddaughter, Amber. Their letters offer some of the deepest truths about motherhood, and celebrate life and motherhood.

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How to be a family like the Weasleys

In the Weasley’s large family there is every personality in the book. A goofy dad, over protective mom, a wild dragon taming sibling, the rule-following older brother,  jokester twins, an unexpected and powerful sister, and more.

Harry, and all the readers that live vicariously through him, are drawn to this family. During Harry’s long summers at Privet Drive, he would long to be at the Burrow. Thinking of the hodgepodge house as his true home. Desite the fact that our young Ron could not see all the goodness, Harry and I saw so much to admire in this quirky family.

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The Sinking Lorelais: when you feel you’re failing…

Have you heard? Gilmore girls is making a come back. I can not tell you how ecstatic I am about this! Lorelai, Rory, Kirk, Mrs. Patty, Paris, Emily are all friends of our family. Often we join them on their couch.


We have spent many hours laughing alongside of these characters. For better or for worse, our family loves the world of Stars Hollow and all the quirky chapters that come along with it. Read More →