Crown of Creation… A letter to my daughter

Sweet Anna,

You are the crown of creation. The sprinkles on the cake, the cherry on top, the gravy on the potatoes, and the tip of the mountain.

God made the world and everything in it. He taught the deep oceans to crash on the shore and the clouds to shower on the earth. He made the trees and flowers to capture the sun and reach toward the heavens. At the will of God, the birds fly and elephants roam.

He made all things and set the world in to motion to grow in life, and said it was good. Then my dear, he made you, a daughter of Eve, and he said you are very good.


Each day we watch you grow and I marvel at the things your body can do, run, stretch, dance, and play. Your thoughts and personality are truly unique and incomparable to anything or anyone else.  You are starting to have opinions about what you will wear and how you will spend your time. I pray you will always wear and do what offers you joy.

But sweet girl, as you live your life the world will tell you lies. That you are “not enough.” That you are not smart enough, strong enough, successful enough, or beautiful enough. Or lies that you are “too much.” That you are too quiet or too loud. That you are too short, tall, fat or thin. Or that there are mistakes in your make up. Your eyes too close, waist too big, hair too curly, or thoughts too different. The world will want to compare the magnificence that you are to others.

Times will come when these lies penetrate so deep that you will even tell them to yourself or others.

Oh Anna, my advice for you in these times is, to see a lie and name it as such. To reject these things that are so far from the truth. I pray you would grow to know how your daddy and I and your Heavenly Father see you. If you forget, read this…

Anna you are lovely. Your thoughts are worth sharing, your beauty knocks us over,  your strength is powerful. Your value is beyond measure and oh are you loved. You are the crown of creation.

Share this good news with the world through the way you live your life.

All my love,



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  1. Such a sweet message for our daughter and each of us as daughters of Christ. I love how you say, “your beauty knocks us over,” because I imagine that’s how God must feel when he looks at each of us as His daughters ­čÖé

    • What a beautiful image of the father. It reminds me of when a groom first sees his bride… That could be another whole post!

  2. As your eyes are fixed on Anna here, your heavenly Father marvels in His creation of you both! Praise God for you are fearfully and wonderfully made! How Great is our God to create love and wonder such as this+

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