Dear Friend, On today your wedding day…

Dear Friend,

On today your wedding day, I can’t stop thinking about how proud I am of you, not only proud of the relationship and love that we are celebrating today, but of the friend, woman, and human you have grown to be.

As you adorn yourself with all the pretty little things, you are truly glowing with bridal beauty, you take my breath away. The time spent on hair, makeup, and putting on your perfect dress draws my mind to all the beauty I see in you.

Your beauty is deep, like all the way to your guts deep. It is innate, constant, and unshakeable inside of you. This is the beauty you have each morning you wake up with bed head and bear breath, it is the beauty sourced from your creation as a beloved daughter of God.

The Salt Stories: On today your wedding day...
I feel privileged to know well the beauty of your mind. I am in awe of how truly beautiful your mind works, how you reason, think, feel, and understand. Your mind is unlike anyone else’s and I love seeing and experiencing how it generates tears, fears, hopes, and jokes.

The beauty in how you treat others amazes me. The way you respect and love everyone with whom you come in contact. I love the dignity, teamwork, and delight I see in the way you treat your husband. The excitement you have to say yes to him today reminds me that we are all called to give ourselves to and for one another.

The man at the end of the aisle better know how tremendously lucky he is to spend forever with you. For truly you are beautiful. Know that I am rooting, encouraging, and praying for you and your husband every day going forward. You can count on me to listen fully and offer the truth I know in every occasion. The love, loyalty, and pride I have in you my friend, I now offer to your marriage.

Thank you for letting me be a part of this special day in your life.

Best wishes,

Your Friend


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