Free 2016 Liturgical Calendar

Ya’ll it has been crazy-town around here lately. I have a backlog of 20 half-finished blog posts that I will attempt to finish as things settle down at work and home. As our schedules have been full, I am thankful for the few small things our family has implemented this year to improve our organization.

A few months a go I blogged about command center ideas and family calendars. I could not find a calendar that fit all of our family’s needs, so we created our own using PicMonkey. We tried it out for a few months and it was a hit.

As I was creating the calendars for the rest of the year and would love to share them here in seven quick takes fashion. Here is what I love about my sit liturgical calendar.


  1. Can be used as a desk or wall calendar.
  2. We print each month on a piece of 11×17 paper so it is nice a large for our family to see.
  3. The gridded paper helps organize and box in events as necessary.
  4. We use different colored highlighters for each type of events.
  5. Feast days! We are not able to celebrate each feast day, but visually seeing them on the calendar as we plan our days, encourages us to look up the day’s saint.
  6. Simple and clean, it is calendar nothing more.
  7. Free! An opportunity to try something new, without spending any cash. Always a plus in my book.

I hope they can be of use to others as well. See below for two different versions of this 2016 calendar.

First: Calendars with the feasts of the liturgical year, just right-click and download.

april-calendar copy



september-calendar october-calendar november-calendar


Second: Calendars with traditional US holidays, just right-click and download.










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  1. The Calendar only gets busier when anna starts having activities. Best to get an organization plan now! You have done well

    • I was excited to find something simple and effective, that could also be a little pretty.
      They are working great for our family. Thanks for stopping by!

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