Introducing our newest addition…

Lifting my head from the postpartum joy and fog to introduce you to Stuart Joseph Wiggin born February 3rd, 2017 at 4:50pm.

The Salt Stories: A New Addition

Our family feels full and right, he fits in to the crazy that is Wiggin like a champ.

Anna Roo is happy to share her toys and enjoys the new title of big sister. She has suggested putting the baby in the refrigerator twice, but mostly ohs and ahs over his chubby cheeks and tiny toes and continues on with her eccentric toddler ways.

Mom and Dad are thankful for the help and love of grandparents, siblings, and friends during this transition and adjusting to our new alarm clock. Our hearts are full and we are amazed how our love can grow to cover each other and our kiddos more.

The Salt Stories: A New Addition

Thanks for the love, can’t wait to continue sharing more musings on the blog.


  1. Congratulations Aimee’… Baby Stuart Joseph is perfect and your family is pure gift. Love each other well… my love and God’s best to you+

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