Picking up souvenirs while on vacation… why magnets? (7QT)

You have been there before. In the middle of a small store filled wall to wall with racks of souvenirs, trying to figure out what is worthwhile. Knowing that you don’t need more stuff, but wanting something to remember the experience. We just returned from our cross-country road trip and put away our souvenirs. I am not a fan of cluttering up our house, so souvenirs were an issue that I had to be decisive on.


This might be a frivolous topic to talk about, but I believe that although stuff is not eternal, stuff does matter. What are you surrounding yourself with? Is it bringing you delight or stress? Is it making you need more things? Figuring out what kind of stuff is worthwhile for your family and deciding to be choosy is a valuable skill. We have not figured out how to do this in all areas of our life, but we have done it with souvenirs. We go for magnets!


Magnets are the perfect keep sake for our family. Here are 7 reasons why!

1.) Practical. Magnets are a tool you can use in your home. We are “the fridge as a posting place” kind of family. Your going to spend the money anyway to buy a magnet, why not buy one that has a story.

2.) Conversation Piece. When we have visitors at our house and they see our magnets they act as conversation starters. We share the experiences and stories we enjoyed in a different place and our guest can do the same. It’s almost like having your photo album open on the table.

3.) Quick and Easy. I wonder if there is research stating how much time people waste on their vacation shopping at a souvenir shop. We may browse a little for gifts for others, but Stuart and I figured out quickly that the longer we look around the less satisfying objects we buy. When we enter the shop now we head straight to magnet cart and spend more time enjoying the place we are in.

4.) Cheap. Relative to most of the knick knacks you can pick up at a store, I think you get the most bang for your buck with a magnet. Save your money for drinks instead.

5.) Consistency. We look forward to picking out a magnet each trip. We know what to expect and this saves us time, money, and stress. Hopefully as Anna grows up this consistency might serve us well in not having to say no to all the souvenirs she suggests. She will know this is what our family does, we are a magnet family.

6.) Expendable but lasting. We love our magnets and typically display them proudly in our kitchen, but if something were to happen to them I think we would survive. If they broke or we needed to get rid of a few I am sure we could part with them. Nevertheless, magnets are sturdy and lasting souvenirs. Our families still have magnets from 20 years ago, it is fun to have a trigger, like the magnets, to share stories that are far in the past.

7.) They are cool. There are some pretty wacky and beautiful magnets out there. I am always impressed by how people decide to decorate a magnet. We can usually find one that makes us laugh, reminisce, or ohh and awe.

What kind of souvenirs do you get on your trips? Our run-up favorite souvenirs are a deck of cards or Christmas ornaments.


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  1. I found myself smacked in the face with this issue when we visited Valley Forge for the first time with the grandparents last year, and I realized we did not have any kind of plan for gift shops or souvenirs, or how to not go crazy buying things but still remember these places.

    I settled on Christmas tree ornaments. I got a beautiful ball from the shop, they are relatively cheap, and I love the ornaments that we got on vacations on my parent’s tree. I always remember the place we went when I hang them.

    Plus, we don’t have very many ornaments yet so I figured this would be a great way to start amassing a collection. I don’t think I got more than that one yet (have we really been on so few trips?) but now I have a Souvenir Plan that doesn’t end in a house full of junk.


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