Making God My Home

For the first time in 7 years my husband and I are not moving into a new home after a year. We have moved, desperately and together, every ~9 months for a long while now and have gotten pretty good at packing all of our things in boxes, loading up cars, and feeding the friends we convinced to help us. In the midst of all the moving we have also had to find new routines, churches, and most importantly taco places.

So I am pumped to be keeping all of my toiletries safely under my bathroom sink this year, but there is something huge I have learned in all the moving, to make God my home.

When uncertainty rages and my roots are not firmly planted, I can rest in the knowledge that God is my home. Where ever I am, no matter where I work, or where I go grocery shopping, there God travels with me.


Psalm 131 states it best, “In you, O Lord, I have found my peace.”

In you, O Lord, peace. Doesn’t that offer a deep breath of relief. As the earth rumbles the Lord can be our steady ground, as we are spinning through life the Lord is what we spot with, focusing on what never changes.

He offers us a peace that sinks deep down in to our gut. Life can be trying in the midst of big or small life changes, when so many questions are yet to be answered. But there is nothing like the rest found in the steadfastness of God. It lasts in all seasons, cities, and situations.

I think the timelessness of God is one of my favorite attributes. His unchanging love is never faded or out of style (someone needs to make this version of TSwift’s song).

In the last couple of weeks I have been teaching our little Anna the sign of the cross. Trying my very best to explain that it is a reminder of her baptismal graces. That she is embraced into the Trinity God, and the sign of the cross is like a big warm blanket surrounding her.

My hope is that as she crosses her body she remembers the presence of the Trinity in her life, which is not far, in the distance, but right there pouring over her like the water of baptism.

This baptismal reminder and welcome is the image that makes sense to me when I mediate on the idea of God being my home. God surrounds me and keeps me safe and warm. He is where the heart is, where my family meets, where we go for nourishment and rest. 

One of the most remarkable things about our God being a trinity, is that we worship a God that is a relationship by nature. And even greater, in baptism, we are invited into the intense love of this relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. No matter the uncertainties in life, I can snuggle in tight to the warm blanket of the Holy Trinity.

Welcome Home.


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