You know your on a road trip with a young child if…

We are on the road with our little one still, along the way we have had several new experiences. Maybe you can relate. So without any further ado, you know your on a road trip  with a young child if you…



1.) Bring twice as many clothes and toys as you need. Just in case. You can fit all your adult-sized close in a moderate size bag, but the little one needs one twice as big.


2.) use snacks as the cure all. Kid is fussy, no toy is making her happy, luckily a snack never fails. Maybe in your car a grape works, but sometimes you pull out the big guns… cookies.

3.) whisper or text with your spouse at night because you don’t want to disturb the sleeping baby. Once they are asleep you can talk all you want, it is just the getting to sleep part that is hard.


4.) use your creativity to engineer a way to separate you and baby in the hotel room. Whether in the bathroom, with a curtain, table, or duvet cover… If the baby sees you, you are done for.

5.) have used the hotel washing machine to wash pee pee things… Who knew diapers wouldn’t work as well when you have your baby sitting in a car seat for 3 hours strait?


6.) don’t stop quite as often because getting in and out of the carseat is a chore. You save your stops for worthwhile vistas and outings.

7.) know the victory of linning up a long stretch of driving with nap time. You are willing to keep your child awake if necessary, so they can sleep on the 3 hour stretch.


8.) experience the supreme joy of sharing the things you love with the people you love. Nature, a city, friends, or just the act of traveling itself.

9.) becone giddy watching your little ones try new firsts… Whether it is crossing their first river or enjoying their first wave. It’s always a moment to commemorate.


10.) measure the distance from one place to the next with the amount of little surprises you will present. Oh yeah, from Hot Springs to Nashville you will need two.

11.) meet more people then when you travel solo. Everyone wants to say hello to a baby. These people often have valuable tips and experiences that you then benefit from.

12.) marvel at the joy you have created for your family in providing new experiences. Anna won’t remember this trip, but Stuart and I sure will. We will remember it and the memories we made as a family.


We have one little girl and are only on our first big trip, but we have learned a lot of these lessons quickly. Maybe you have others to add, or some of mine to amend. We still have a week left, we would love your suggestions.

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