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What you might forget when setting up your nursery (7QT)

As a first time mama, I have vivid memories of the anxiety, hustle, and excitement that filled the last half of my pregnancy. I would suddenly feel the urge to breathlessly run around the house and set up things, so that when the baby finally arrived it would be smooth sailing. I thought if everything was organized and efficient then I could handle taking care of a newborn. It seems many other first time moms have a similar experience. 

Nesting takes over, you clean, set up, plan, and rearrange with no consideration of the growing bump in front of you. You read the internet’s endless “nursery must have” lists, trying to figure out what you need to make this life change happen. Read More →

Growing in Wonder and Play (7QT)

Mr. G.K. Chesterton had a thing or two to say about the world. As a prolific writer, he wrote about everything from science, faith, and politics, to mystery novels and the everyday life. His characteristic wit and thorough perspectives make him a joy to read. Check out Christy’s post to introduce yourself a little more with G.K. Chesterton.

One of the things he wrote about passionately and persistently was the need for play and wonder in ones life.  Chesterton embodied this as a joyful, jesting, and innovative man, and his writing is  equally full of humor and insight.

In dwelling on his thoughts, I have been searching out more ways to live life in wonder. So herein lies my seven quick takes. And stay tuned to see how this all relates to the celebration of Halloween.

“Playing is the most serious thing in the world” -GK Chesterton Read More →