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Come Holy Spirit…In Remembrance

Lately the prayer on my heart has been Come Holy Spirit.

The Salt Stories: Come Holy Spirit... In Remembrance

In the last 2 years we have lost many dear friends and family members. Each loss has been an opportunity to dwell on a life well lived, with glimpses of God’s glory. Today I would like to honor one of our dear friends, Deacon Timothy Borbas.
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Explaining death to a toddler

It all started when we watched The Lion King for the first time. I was excited to share one of my favorite movies with Anna. We named each animal during Circle of Life, laughed at Zazu, danced to “I Just Can’t Wait To Be King” and then it happened… Mufasa died.

We watched the solemn images of a collapsed Mufasa and tears streaming down Simba’s face. My daughter turned and looked at me with a questioning stare. She could see Simba was sad and didn’t quite understand what happened. She gestured to the screen and looked at me for an explanation.

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7 ways to Advent with a toddler

Advent is coming. Hooray! This is a beautiful time of year filled with anticipation and growth. But there are also a lot of things that try to steal our focus during this time of preparation. Shopping, decorations, and flying food get in the way of my solemn time of preparation.

Although my little Anna provides many sticky moments and requires a lot of me, I think she is one of the factors that helps, not harms, my celebration of Advent. Because of her ripe age of 1.5, she is really good at following a daily rhythm and living each day with expectant joy. She doesn’t let things worry her or get bogged down with to do lists. Anna has the perfect mindset for a holy and fruitful Advent. This Advent I am going to try and be a little more like my toddler. Read More →

Finding Hope in Christ the King

At the parish where I grew up, on the feast of Christ the King all of the families would make fabric banners to celebrate the King. Before mass began, the children would march around the church to honor Jesus with a parade. There were bells, crowns, colors, and joy bursting out of the room. Our pastor would have us all shout ¡Viva Cristo Rey! Which was an anthem of Mexican Christians at the turn of the century. The spirited phrase means long live Christ the King. Just the thought of this feast brings warm memories to mind.

This was a very fun and memorable experience that taught me so much about Christ’s kingship. Read More →

The {Little} Way


In honor of two newly canonized Saints, Louis and Zelie Martin, parents of St. Therese of Lisieux, I have for you a special letter. Written by the daughter of these two saints to a spiritual mother. Read More →

Be a Prayer Warrior: Seven Quick Takes

When you ask me to pray for you, I want to  follow through on that task. Too often I remember once or twice over the next couple days, but don’t really make a plan to follow through. Recently I have been focusing on bringing intentionality to the way I pray for my friends and the circumstances. Read More →

St. Teresa of Ávila… Making New Friends in Heaven

Today is the feast of St. Teresa of Ávila, the mystic rock star and doctor of the church. Not gonna lie, I have gotten the different saints named St. Teresa mixed up in the past, and I really enjoyed getting to know this saint as I was writing this post.
This post is part of a series of posts on the life of saints. Check out an earlier post if you are interested in more information about what a saint is. Basically, saints are holy men and women whose lives demonstrate the glory of God and are now in heaven in his presence.

So lets jump right in with a cliff notes history of St. Teresa of Avila.

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What is a saint?…Making new friends in heaven

Maybe you have seen a saint card, or heard someone mention praying to a saint and you are left with a bucket full of questions. Well today’s your lucky day, because below is my search for answers about saints.

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What my newborn taught me about God’s love…

Newborn babies don’t do anything. Well except for poop, eat, sleep, stare and cry. They can’t move their body or even lift their head. They don’t go to work, school, volunteer, or the bathroom. They need help with every human function from eating, to dressing, to bathing, and they snooze much of the day away.


But nevertheless, I can not quite describe the feelings of love that I felt the first time I held my sweet Anna in all her unproductive glory. There were a lot of crazy things going on in that first moment (another story for another day), but there was nothing like the delight and peace that I felt. It was wonder, amazement, adoration. Like a glimpse of heaven, she was definitely shining God’s crazy glory. It experienced a love so fierce, so unlike any other.

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