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How to be a family like the Weasleys

In the Weasley’s large family there is every personality in the book. A goofy dad, over protective mom, a wild dragon taming sibling, the rule-following older brother,  jokester twins, an unexpected and powerful sister, and more.

Harry, and all the readers that live vicariously through him, are drawn to this family. During Harry’s long summers at Privet Drive, he would long to be at the Burrow. Thinking of the hodgepodge house as his true home. Desite the fact that our young Ron could not see all the goodness, Harry and I saw so much to admire in this quirky family.

So the question is, how can our families look a little more like the lovable Weasleys? Read More →

Why you should befriend an older generation (SQT)

Do you feel overwhelmed sometimes? Lost? What about overjoyed? Me too. And guess what, someone else has been there before.

A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to visit with Stuart’s grandmother. We stayed in her home in the town where she raised her children, we met her wonderful friends, and we talked. It was splendid.


We have been blessed with wonderful grandparents and friends to connect and learn from. There is a great wise aging population in the world who is full of knowledge and typically would love to share it with you. Below are some reasons and benefits to spending time with the over 70 crowd. Read More →