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Blogging in the Face of Fear

If something is worth doing,

it is even worth doing badly.

– G.K. Chesterton

Why I am Starting a Blog

There are many reasons I have decided to start writing a blog, but there are even more reasons why it took me so long to make the plunge and do it. 

Why I Haven’t Started One Yet

In 2007, I heard an interview with Jon Forman, of Switchfoot, where he encouraged others to get their ideas out there and to use the crazy awesome tools of our time to share your thoughts (I am paraphrasing, I am not sure if Jon says “crazy awesome”). He talked about using his music to search out answers to things he doesn’t know. I was inspired, I was going to start a blog and write to shake out my thoughts. But then I second guessed myself. Why can’t I just do this in a private way? I don’t want to work out my questions publicly. Is there value in having to produce my thoughts in a readable and sharable way?

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