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An Inconvenient Mercy

This year has been named the Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. A year where as a collective church we mediate on the greatness of God’s mercy and how it should move us to show mercy for others.

As I ponder mercy, memories rush to my mind. Waking up each morning with the gift of new mercies from God, times I have witnessed a friend extend mercy to someone in misfortune, or the frequent occurrence of my husband offering me mercy in the times I have wronged him. It seems to me, mercy is a word that describes a myriad of things. So to paraphrase Justin Bieber what does it mean? Read More →

Never too far away… 

You could never be too far away for God’s love to reach you. Never.

End post. Just kidding, but really we need the simpleness of the above truth to set in our bones.

There is never a thought, action, or circumstance in the past, present, or future  that could take you out of reach of God’s love and grace. Read More →