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St. John Paul the II… Making New Friends in Heaven

This post is part of a series of posts on the life of saints. Check out an earlier post if you are interested in more information about what a saint is. Basically, saints are holy men and women whose lives demonstrate the glory of God and are now in heaven in his presence.

Today is the feast of St. John Paul II. He is the pope that I grew up on, that ushered us in to the 3rd millennia, and who has an extra special place in my heart. Recently, I heard the following said of our last three popes, “if Pope Francis is a shepherd, Pope Benedict was an academic, and St. John Paul the II was the philosopher.” This is true, St. John Paul the II produced many beautiful works of philosophy and faithfully sought answers to why and how God made us and the world.

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What is a saint?…Making new friends in heaven

Maybe you have seen a saint card, or heard someone mention praying to a saint and you are left with a bucket full of questions. Well today’s your lucky day, because below is my search for answers about saints.

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