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10 pieces of advice for engaged couples

When Stuart and I were engaged we were giddy excited, as most preparing couples are. You have an excitement and an anticipation for something so good. We were gifted with a lot of wonderful advice and encouragement during that time. We were pumped to prepare for life together. Honestly, we are still learning so much and “preparing for our marriage” even now. As we process what advice has made the greatest impact we thought we would share it with you.

Below is a list of the top 10 pieces of advice that we try to make a daily part of our marriage.

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What my newborn taught me about God’s love…

Newborn babies don’t do anything. Well except for poop, eat, sleep, stare and cry. They can’t move their body or even lift their head. They don’t go to work, school, volunteer, or the bathroom. They need help with every human function from eating, to dressing, to bathing, and they snooze much of the day away.


But nevertheless, I can not quite describe the feelings of love that I felt the first time I held my sweet Anna in all her unproductive glory. There were a lot of crazy things going on in that first moment (another story for another day), but there was nothing like the delight and peace that I felt. It was wonder, amazement, adoration. Like a glimpse of heaven, she was definitely shining God’s crazy glory. It experienced a love so fierce, so unlike any other.

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