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The Wisdom of the Mountains…

We just got back from our crazy road trip, and were lucky enough that part of the adventure was spent in the mountains. For some people mountains are part of their everyday life, a typical geographical feature as common as trees, highways, or if in Texas, armadillo roadkill. But this is not my experience. These tall protrusions of the earth’s crust are novel, awning, and rare sitings for our family.

While driving or visiting these regions we never get used to the views and shout every 5 minutes “look look!” Requiring  the other to look out at our view of the slightly different formations. It feels like we are sitting in the presence of giants. 

Have you ever had this experience, whether you were hiking, driving, or even flying over head? The experience where you try your best to keep your head up the whole time because you don’t want to miss anything. The experience where you look around and the size of the mountains makes you look straight up as they reach in to the skies. I suppose, for you, this post could be “The Wisdom of the Forests,” or prairie land, or desert even. But for me, it is the mountains.


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Picking up souvenirs while on vacation… why magnets? (7QT)

You have been there before. In the middle of a small store filled wall to wall with racks of souvenirs, trying to figure out what is worthwhile. Knowing that you don’t need more stuff, but wanting something to remember the experience. We just returned from our cross-country road trip and put away our souvenirs. I am not a fan of cluttering up our house, so souvenirs were an issue that I had to be decisive on.


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Roo Trippin: Vol 3

Little Roo here, today I saw my room for the first time in two and a half weeks, that’s almost 3% of my entire life.  Our trip sure did go by fast. When we last left off I was exploring the fine delicacies of central north carolina. We have seen mountains, forests,  rivers, waterfalls, lakes, and cities. Next stop the beach.

We made the trek to the fine coast of North Carolina to explore Atlantic beach. We were all anxious to finally dip our toes in the ocean.


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You know your on a road trip with a young child if…

We are on the road with our little one still, along the way we have had several new experiences. Maybe you can relate. So without any further ado, you know your on a road trip  with a young child if you…



1.) Bring twice as many clothes and toys as you need. Just in case. You can fit all your adult-sized close in a moderate size bag, but the little one needs one twice as big.


2.) use snacks as the cure all. Kid is fussy, no toy is making her happy, luckily a snack never fails. Maybe in your car a grape works, but sometimes you pull out the big guns… cookies.

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Roo Trippin: Vol 2

Anna Roo here, we are still on the road so I thought I would update you on the travels we have made so far.

When we last left off I had just shed a tick I found in the Great Smokey Mountains. So we will pick up there.

We stayed in the greatest place in the Smokey Mountains, the Lodge at Buckberry Creek. It was very close to the park and still within Gatlinburg city limits and very Roo friendly. We woke up to the mountains peering in from our balcony and ate breakfast on a dinning terrace with sweeping views of the Smokey Mountains. Mom and Dad loved it and I liked the breakfast sausage.


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